CBD oil for dogs

If you are a happy owner of a dog, you have probably heard of CBD for dogs. You might have or have not yet used this product but you might wanna know more about it. In this article, we are going to focus on health benefits and precautions of CBD treats for dogs, will tell what are the existing pieces of research on this topic, what dosages are effective, how to calculate them, and what are the best products on the market in treats, chews, and pills.  

CBD oil benefits for dogs

Every pet owner knows that a pet needs vastness of things, among which are healthy nutrition, clean drinking water always present in a bowl, cozy place to sleep, and those extras, which help maintain pet’s beauty and safety: combs, shampoos, leash… But to make your pet especially happy and nurtured every day, every nice pet owner knows that it cannot be without treats. The market offers plentiful choice, which consists of many options of filling, forms, varieties, and with so many possible flavors that it sometimes feels that our society loves dogs more than people (for some people, it is very true).

In addition to those, people have come with another thing: CBD oil for dogs. Does CBD oil work for dogs? Yes, in the same way as it works for a human body.

Let’s begin with an explanation of what CBD is. 

CBD is one of the cannabinoids, which are found in one of the agriculturally cultivated species of cannabis called Cannabis Sativa L. or, as people call it, hemp. Hemp plant gives two types of oil: CBD oil and hemp oil. The second is just another oil, which is used pretty much the same in food, beauty & production industries as other food oils are – like olive, corn, sunflower, pumpkin oil, and others. The only thing is that it is not practically used for frying, as it has a low smoking point, nearly the same as CBD oil (although using CBD oil for regular cooking would be a large waste of so precious product).

CBD oil is used for people and pets. The reason why our bodies react pretty much similar to CBD oil is that we have a system called ‘endocannabinoid’, which is responsible for homeostasis of the functioning of all our organs and their power. In other words, it brings balance to the work of everything that is inside of our body. And this system has a set of receptors that are evenly distributed throughout our body, which produce some amount of CBD themselves but they also react to CBD coming from outside. In the case with cannabis (or THC, the main psychoactive substance, causing ‘high’), those receptors digest THC in a way, which makes us ‘stoned’. In the case with CBD, the effect is different – no psychoactive thing, just relaxation, a feeling of being soothed, and work against pain, inflammation, depression, mood swings, pain in bones, soft tissues, joints, and ligaments.

Humans, cats, dogs, and some other animals have this system in their bodies, and, as we are all connected on the level of DNA. We are similar more than in half (from cucumber to bird, all have at least 50% of DNA sequence completely matching humans’ one), this means that the action of CBD is the same or highly similar. It will not work only for those living organisms, which do not have the endocannabinoid system in their bodies.

The biggest thing that differs in dogs and people in taking CBD is the dosage. Below, we are also going to tell how to define the right dosage for your pet. 

So, if your pet needs withdrawal of one of those symptoms that we have listed above, taking treats with CBD is exactly why one would buy CBD oil for dogs.

The form of CBD oil for dogs is the same as all other treats – bones, cushions, pig ears, geometry figures, and so on. CBD chews for dogs bring use not only because they contain CBD but also because of the inclusion of additional elements to their content:

  • macro and microelements
  • natural oils
  • vitamins
  • fatty acids (Omegas, which are naturally produced by our bodies in not enough quantities)
  • terpenes (flavors and substances, which improve the action of CBD and some additional components). It is believed that purified CBD isolate, which is added to products has the lesser effect of suction of CBD into the body and further action on it than the one that has terpenes, which means that this product is of full-spectrum and is produced not from isolate but from oil.

As you can see, in addition to pointing at a specific condition that your dog has, CBD-based treats will also make its body healthier, your pet’s hair will be shinier, and the pet will be more invigorated itself. The only thing is that if you want to achieve a long-lasting effect of CBD, you have to give it to your dog regularly. 

Now let’s consider the legality of CBD oil for dogs. As far as you have probably studied the subject, you know that since late 2018, CBD is considered legal on the federal level. Some states may waive this and add state-specific regulations, which range from complete going in-line with federal legislation to complete opposition to it (but the latter are only a few). So it is considered legal across nearly an entire country to buy and consume CBD oil for dogs if the content of THC in a product is not more than 0.3% of the dry mass (the content of CBD is not regulated, so, in theory, it can be any, from 0.01% to 99.9%). To make their product as widely accessible as possible, the biggest share of manufacturers of CBD oil for dogs tries to make it 0.0%-THC containing. Not only it helps withdraw possible legal issues but also it is much better for pets, as there will be a guaranteed effect of ‘no-stoning’, as it is slightly possible with 0.3% THC content.

From the point of view of physical actions, which CBD pills for dogs have, it must be said that they affect all systems in the body, improving their work:

  • vision
  • soft tissues
  • ligaments
  • internal organs
  • heart and vessels
  • hearing
  • hair
  • gastrointestinal
  • digestive
  • bones and claws.

In addition to physical action, CBD oil for dogs has mental activity, which helps soothe your pet if it is too active (which is especially of use if the night is coming, you want to go to sleep but your pet isn’t calming down) or bring it to a bigger vivacity if it is too downed (which is highly useful during the day walk or active games on air). 

The list of actions that CBD oil includes:

  • making bones, teeth, and claws stronger and evener 
  • shinier hair and eyes
  • ligaments and joints become better moving due to treatment or preventing arthritis
  • better vision and brain function
  • improvement of mood, bringing it to positivity
  • alleviating of symptoms of cancer and its treatment, if any (like vomiting and high frequency of going to the toilet)
  • reducing fear and anxiety.

If you want to give your dog a better life, then you should find good CBD oil for dogs near me.

When you give CBD oil for dogs to your pet, you should be aware that there are possible CBD oil for dogs’ side effects (some of them or all may be absent – it is a highly individual bodily reaction of every pet, the same unpredictable in the number of side symptoms as it is in people):

  • appetite swings (a pet can eat more or less. This is also true for water)
  • heavy or increased drooling (because of the disturbance of work of salivary glands)
  • diarrhea 
  • high sleepiness
  • space disorientation.

Also, you should know that no existing today CBD oil for dogs is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (a part of the United States Department of Health and Human Services of the US). The Administration has operated with hundreds of existing pieces of study of work of CBD oil on humans and pets and did not find unambiguously persuasive evidence that CBD bears no adverse health effects in short and long term for the bodies of both, as well as the FDA isn’t sure about positive effects. So, buying it for yourself or for your dog is making a purchase at your own risk and sake. For this reason, manufacturers and sellers aren’t allowed to write on a label of the pack or in any written materials about CBD oil that it brings any good to health or it treats ailments or symptoms of ailments. The same, they aren’t allowed to say that this is any sort of dietary supplement. From a practical point of view, it looks like the industry is largely under-regulated. So, when we are talking about proven effects or correct dosages, there are no official sources about it exist and you have to rely on what every manufacturer tells you about own product.

So, what CBD oil dosage for dogs should you give to your pet? There are scarce materials online about this issue exist, and each time it will depend on: 

  1. The breed of your dog (defining the bigness of the dog – whether it is big or small)
  2. Its age (it is inadvisable to give CBD oil to dogs of young age, under 2 years)
  3. Nutrition (some food interacts with CBD oil for dogs Amazon the same as it interacts with the one for humans)
  4. Lifestyle (active pets may be subject to the action of CBD oil for dogs lesser than passive ones)
  5. What effect would you like to achieve? According to many CBD oil for dogs’ reviews, the dose may range from minimal to maximal per one intake – it is up to you to decide, how big effect do you need and how fast its occurrence would you like to happen. Usually, the span per 1 intake is indicated at the bottle or label of a product that you buy.

So, is CBD oil safe for dogs? Yes, if you stick to recommendations of the manufacturer and make your pet take it under your control and monitoring. If you see any adverse changes in the activity of your dog, which are not embraced by the list of desirable actions of CBD oil, then it is advisable to take it to a veterinarian immediately.

Why doses for dogs should be smaller than for humans:

  1. Their bodies are naturally smaller. If the human dosage is considered for someone weighting like 200 lbs, then no dog is going to be that big. They are like 20-60 lbs, right? So the amount must be smaller the same.

Let’s take the data from www.honestpaws.com website to find out the approximate dosage:

    1. For pets, up to 25 lbs in weight, 1 intake per 1 day of 4.2 milligrams recommended (1.0 ml of the company’s product having potency 125 mg in one jar)
    2. If it is 25-50 lbs in weight, 1 intake per 1 day of 8.3 milligrams is recommended (2.0 ml of the company’s product)
    3. If it is over 50 lbs in weight, 1 intake per 1 day of 16.7 milligrams is recommended (4.0 ml of the company’s product having potency 125 mg in one jar).

The company also has remedies with 250 and 500 mg potency per jar – so intake dosages are to be corrected accordingly considering the potency. 1 ml is 1 dropper attached to every jar.

  1. They have a higher metabolism. Considering that, depending on the age of the dog, it is 5-14 times older than a human of that age is, the metabolism is higher the same or close to it. To put it simpler, if you give a human dose, it is going to be stoned 5-14 times stronger.
  2. Mind the overdose. Although we haven’t heard of cases that a man dies over an overdose of CBD oil, this may happen with pets. Both CBD and CBD + THC are dangerous for pets. As most manufacturers understand that it is harder to define the correct dose of CBD oil for dogs, they attach droppers for oil and make it extremely clear about the dosage for other products (like treats) so to make it hard to make a mistake.
  3. Toxicity. Something that is completely fine for humans is toxic for pets – like sweetener Xylitol. Also, THC if not toxic than can give effect close to food poisoning – and some CBD oil for dogs with anxiety (having THC in its content), if given in too high dosages, may cause the effect of stoning lasting up to several days! During this period, a dog might not be able to stand on paws, to effectively go to the toilet, and to lose its appetite. The same effect is also true for cats (as there are many cat CBD treats). If you want an example of other toxic products for pets – it is chocolate, raisings, coffee. 

Can you receive no CBD oil benefits for dogs? Sure. This is possible. The same as some humans aren’t subjected to any action of CBD oil, dogs can be not affected the same. So if you see no action for your pet after 10-30 minutes as you will have given it a treat, this may be such a case. You don’t need to repeat the intake to avoid stoning or poisoning of your paw friend and to avoid fatal consequences (as your pet won’t tell you how it feels even if it is extremely bad).

CBD oil for dogs with anxiety

Anxiety in dogs is often connected to disturbances of sleep, constant barking, and agitation, with the impossibility to find the right place to lie down. Most CBD oil benefits for dogs to fight anxiety come in 20-30 minutes after the intake. It is hard to evaluate the action of it on the body. But, according to many pieces of evidence, it helps, as it should. Pets become less agitated shortly after the intake, they sleep quietly for the entire night and do not wake up. Their agitation connected to anxiety goes away. If you want to use the remedy to make them calmer, not to induce sleep, then you are going to reach your goal, too.

CBD oil for dogs with arthritis

Unfortunately, nobody is secured from having arthritis – even pets. They become less moving, can drag their paws as if they are wounded, may have reddening of the skin, swelling of joints – this is what we see outside. Inside, they feel pain and stiffness. CBD oil for dogs can work in this case as an anti-inflammatory remedy, lowering pain, making (with time) ligaments and joints to work better, restoring their elasticity.

CBD for dogs with seizures

There is currently no evidential base that proves that seizures in dogs are completely treated, making them go away. However, one small study involving 16 dogs conducted by Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital in 2019 showed that 14 dogs in the group have started to undergo less number of seizures in the regular intake of CBD oil for dogs.

CBD oil for dogs with cancer

How CBD oil for dogs with cancer is effective? It does not treat cancer itself but it makes symptoms of it milder, and:

  1. Supports the effect of a given medication
  2. Strengthens the immune system
  3. Makes dogs sleep better
  4. Restores the appetite to some extent (but not fully)
  5. Alleviates nausea
  6. Inflammation and pain are reduced.

Does CBD oil work for dogs?

CBD oil for dogs is effective, as far as we can see. It may not work only if your pet has personal tolerance to CBD, which results in no effect. In all other cases, the efficacy of CBD oil for dogs is proven by existing pieces of research and also by the personal experience of hundreds of vets across the globe. If you want to know more about possible actions, side effects, and interaction of CBD oil for dogs with other chemical substances & food, resort to online search, particularly reading what the FDA and doctors tell on the issue.

Hemp oil vs CBD oil for dogs: is there difference?

The same as hemp oil for people, the issue of hemp oil vs CBD oil for dogs is also actual. Many people do not differentiate between those two. They believe that these are just two names of the same thing. However, this is not true. Although they originate from the same parts of plant Cannabis Sativa L., these are two types of oil.

  1. Hemp oil is a regular plant oil widely used for cooking, in food, drinks, and in the beauty industry (and in some manufacturing and construction processes). It is derived from hulled or non-hulled seeds of the plant and it has zero content of THC and 0% CBD. The same as grape seed oil, pumpkin oil, sunflower oil, olive oil and others of the kind that are regularly found on shelves of any supermarket, you can use hemp oil to add to your foods and drinks. It has rich content containing Omega-3, vitamins, antioxidants, fatty acids, and other things – up to 150 different chemical components. The only thing is that you can’t fry on it or put it in an oven to submit to hot temperatures, as it has a smoke point close to 160 °C. Otherwise, add it to already cooked food as you do with other types of oil. For the same richness of content, it is usable for cosmetology. Hemp oil does not have any activity as CBD shows – not physical, not mental. It will not relax you, will not make your sleeping process better – it’s just food oil. Period.
  2. CBD oil derives from stems and flowers of the plant and may contain up to 0.3% of THC in the end product (and can be more in the plant) and around 20%-40% of CBD in the oil. The way the juice of the plant turned into oil also differs from the way hemp oil is made. The second is obtained through cold squeezing, while the first undergoes a short series of chemical transformations, completely organic and natural, involving CO2.

Why this thing is important to know? Because some manufacturers, not giving a damn about their own name, put hemp oil into the jars with CBD oil for dogs and sell it for the same price. They do not show the content of CBD oil on the label or show ‘hemp oil’ or ‘natural hemp oil’ or ‘Cannabis Sativa L. oil’ but they use the “CBD” word as the commercial in the name of their product. People not knowing the difference don’t even have a clue about the catch and, eventually, are got disappointed about a no-action remedy. Also, they may write anything other, like ‘organic CBD oil for dogs’, replacing two notions with one another and even entering into the lies, replacing hemp with ‘organic CBD’. If you see such a product – do not buy it, as it means you are going to overpay like 3-4 times from its real price. 

But what you will never know without chemical expertise – if there is actually the same content of CBD in the product as advertised. But that’s an issue relevant to an entire food and beverage industry, so you either worry about it or you live on. The only real possibility of how you define the existence of CBD oil in the product is to try one yourself.

Best CBD oil for dogs reviews

It is time to consider the best yummies for your 4-pawed friend. Below, we are gathering 9 products in general, including:

  • Treats
  • Chews
  • Pills.

What you should know is that they are going to cost you more than regular products for dogs – but that should be naturally understood, as CBD is a costly substance. 

Nice CBD treats for dogs

The treats with CBD inside do not differ in shape from other yummies for dogs – these may be shaped as small paws, geometrical figures, hearts, cushions, pieces of so juicy piece of meat with a great degree of roasting. There are a plethora of products with which you can treat your pet. Let’s consider top-3 of them.

Top-1 among CBD treats for dogs: Medipets CBD

Visit the site of manufacturer to make a purchase: medipetscbd.com/collections/pet-treats.

You can find not one or two but as many as 20 different flavors at once! Such diversity will definitely be to the taste of your little buddy. They also produce two products for purring animals (cats). Some flavors are:

  1. Salmon
  2. Cheese
  3. Beef
  4. Turkey (alone or with fillers, like blueberry, peas, potato)
  5. Meatballs
  6. Chicken (supplemented by blueberry and chickpea), and others.

Acquire a product in the range from 39.99 to 69.98 US dollars (for standalone products and sets).

Hemp My Pet

The site is here: hempmypet.com/product-category/organic-dog-biscuits-infused-with-full-spectrum-hemp-cbd/?afmc=c5

Dogs are insanely happy about yummy biscuits. You will love their shape – small leaves & classic cookies. They have nice rich color and exciting (for dogs) flavor. Don’t confuse them with ones for people (as they look nearly the same)! The price is also tasty – 25… 35 dollars. The CBD originates from Colorado. 

Hempure CBD

Depending on how many bites of a bottle cork shape are in a pack (24 or 48), you can acquire them for 25.99… 44.99 dollars. This manufacturer worries about a zero-THC level in each product, so only pure CBD is inside. If you are interested in the delivery (in which you are), you can make any purchase over 25 dollars to get free delivery across the US. The manufacturer also presents a convenient table of the intake per day shown in servings.

To buy this yummy to your dog, visit hempurecbd.com/cbd-pet-chews-2-mg/?aff=8.

Nice CBD chews for dogs

Chews are more prolonged in time to eat them up, which is more beneficial for teeth of your pet than pieces that are bitten and swallowed in one go. Also, it makes your dog be busy for a longer time.

The top-1 product of CBD chews for dogs: Cannanine Bacon Flavor Soft Chews

To make your purchase for $54.99, visit cannanine.com/product/cannanine-bacon-flavor-soft-chews-with-cbd-for-dogs-300-mg-60-ct.

Hemp Well 3 mg

$39.99 for 60 pieces of 3 mg of CBD per 1 piece. Available here: hempwell.com/product/hemp-relief-dog-soft-chews.

Jolly Tails by Ilera

Here, one pack includes 30 pieces and you may buy it for $44.95… $121.95 (from one to three in a bundle): ilerascience.com/product/jollytails-30-chews.

Nice CBD pills for dogs

Let’s consider nice CBD oil for dogs with arthritis.

Top-1 CBD pills for dogs: Holista Pet CBD Capsules

Visit holistapet.com/product/holistapet-cbd-pet-capsules to obtain your size in mg (150, 300 or 600) for 25.95… 58.95 US dollars. The product is of full spectrum.

Canna-Pet Advanced


Here you can acquire a product for $64.99, which includes 60 capsules with 8.5 mg CBD oil for dogs in each of them (good for average and big breeds).

PURCBD by Innovet

Visit innovetpet.com to buy 90 capsules in a jar of 450 mg CBD for only 59.95 dollars. 

Where to buy CBD oil for dogs?

We have told you above where to buy CBD oil for dogs. Start with those 9 links to look through amazing offers for products, which are good for your furry friend. Some manufacturers also offer options for horses and cats. You can search with Amazon but, according to what we see, this company’s catalog does not include many options, and most of them are just dietary supplements with hemp oil, not CBD. To find CBD products, use Google search and browse through companies based in your country, as international trade with CBD for dogs with seizures is not developed well enough yet.