CBD oil capsules

What are CBD oil capsules? These are gelatin or water-soluble cellulose covered capsules, which contain CBD as the main active ingredient. In this article, we are talking about the health benefits of CBD for people and considering how CBD capsules Amazon differ from any other type of product that contains CBD (if there is any difference).

CBD capsules differ in additional content from pure CBD oil or isolate, which are purified from anything other. Additional substances are found only when CBD is added to something – like drinks & foods. In this case, to make the content of CBD oil capsules stable in a chemical manner and more appealing for people to intake, the extras are added:

  • amino acids (which are extremely important for a human body, and approximately half of those cannot be produced by our body but can be only taken from the outer environment, from foods and beverages)
  • vitamins (mostly, Vitamin E captures the first place in a content amongst other vitamins)
  • terpenes (chemical substances naturally found in cannabis plants, which help hemp and CBD oil to digest by the body and work better. They also give natural recognizable flavor to products with CBD)
  • coating substances (gelatin, which is derived from parts of animals and because of that, can be unsuitable for vegans; or cellulose soluble in water, which makes the best CBD capsules to be perfectly okay for any consumer – vegan, vegetarian, raw eater and others).

When we speak about “capsules”, we want you to know that in this notion, we also include pills, which look like capsules in the shape (or resembling it) but may not be with soft or oily filling inside (pills may have hard consistency, close to tablets, or to be like pastilles – soft chewable pieces). 

What are known CBD capsules benefits?

CBD capsules for sale are not a completely unique thing with an action, which other CBD products don’t have. Rather, they work the same for a human body but they are produced in the form of capsules, as:

  • some people find this form better for them than other forms – they are better swallowed, can be chewed in the mouth (though not primarily recommended to do so, as they have to do directly into the stomach to be opened and digested there unless they are chewable pieces)
  • they have a convenient form of intake – just throw a piece into the mouth and that’s it. Thanks to their soft coating, they don’t even need water to go down the esophagus. If they are designed to be chewed, then they have a nice flavor, which refreshes the breath like a small candy
  • best CBD oil capsules are manufactured as a self-efficient product, which means that they are ready to be taken as is, without adding them to anything, changing their shape, or doing any further actions. Just for understanding: for instance, CBD spray needs to be applied on the skin where you need it and then – it is either rubbed into the skin or it has to be left untouched for some time, so some further actions are required. Also, for the spray, you have to prepare the site on your skin (free it from clothes, for instance). No such inconveniences with CBD capsules for pain.

Let’s talk about their effect. Although CBD oil capsules are currently not approved in the US by any official body (including the FDA), and CBD as the substance is not recognized yet as a remedy to treat or heal anything, there are still hundreds of pieces of research exist, which can tell about effects on the body of patients. We are going to talk about them with caution, as the studies are based on small or tiny groups of researched patients (dozens or up to a hundred in nearly every case). 

  1. For seizures and epilepsy. It is known that some types of seizures and epilepsy are capable of getting significantly smaller or to vanish at all, depending on the ailment. In Dravet syndrome, for instance (found in children), CBD efficacy is up to 100%.
  2. Chronic and occasional pain. Patients describe the relief of pain as ‘significant’. Any type of pain in the body can be treated with CBD oil capsules: in joints, soft tissues, internal organs, back pain, headache, bones, and ligaments.
  3. Treatment of cancer side effects. Chemotherapy is known for causing numerous side effects, most irritating and common of which are vomiting, pain everywhere in the body, dizziness, drowsiness, and making the state of the skin worse. CBD oil capsules are able to make those effects milder, bringing from little to significant relief.
  4. The functioning of the blood system and heart. It is known that the carrying capacity of blood vessels can increase due to the purification of the walls of blood vessels from dirt and atherosclerotic plaques. Also, blood vessels are made mode elastic. The heart function is improved due to lower load on it. Blood pressure reduces. But you should take CBD oil capsules with caution if you already take blood thinners, as CBD oil makes the effect of blood thinners more – which can result in blood pressure dropping below the needed level.
  5. Glaucoma. CBD oil capsules for sale are found to have a positive effect on retinal function due to having neuroprotective properties. The retinal cells do not die in high rates, as it happens in glaucoma, and it is treated more efficiently together with conservative treatment.
  6. Inflammation. Outer and inner inflammations in the body are reduced. Irritable Bowel Syndrome also connected to inflammations and it is treated because CBD oil improves the functioning of bowel microflora.
  7. Sleep disorder. Try 5-15 mg of CBD capsules dosage for your first time to have better sleep. Actually, sleeping improvement is why most patients resort to CBD oil capsules in the first place. With them, it is possible to fall asleep better and not wake up during the night.
  8. Relaxation. For some people, it may be hard to relax physically and mentally because of anxieties, fears, and worries that they have connected to their work, personal life, or state of health. Taking CBD oil is able to make them relax on both levels (mental and physical) and to perceive the surrounding world with a calmer outlook – this is one of the main CBD capsules benefits.
  9. Depression is a known reason for ailment. According to data from the WHO, every second dweller of the planet is prone to depression. CBD capsules effects are fighting depressive thoughts and making the quality of life of people generally better, as they are going to estimate the world around, not painting it in darker colors than it is.

What are CBD capsules effects?

There are numerous positive effects of CBD oil capsules on the state of the human body and soul. But in addition to them, there are adverse (side) effects, which need more studies than currently available. It is known that the intake of CBD oil capsules may cause immediate adverse health effects but it is not known today, which is the long-term action on the body – neither positive nor negative. 

  1. Dry mouth. The CBD oil causes inhibition of the work of salivary glands in the mouth. So when you take CBD oil capsules and don’t want to have a dry mouth, drink it with a large amount of water (2-3 glasses).
  2. Decreasing blood pressure. While it is good for some patients, others may call it ‘an unwanted effect’. Make sure to address your doctor or ER if you feel discomfort after the intake.
  3. Diarrhea. It is strongly inadvisable to take CBD oil capsules for your first time in a place, where you will not have free access to the toilet in the case of occurring of diarrhea. 
  4. Changes in appetite. You can have either increased or decreased appetite, not only right after the intake but also in the long run (if you take CBD oil not occasionally but systematically). 
  5. Sleepiness. You should avoid driving a car or working with heavy machinery if you feel drowsy. 

Which CBD capsules dosage is effective?

There are no universal table or recommendations, as every CBD oil capsule may have own content of CBD inside, as well as extra substances, which may inhibit or increase the effect. The same may go for you – if you intake some drugs or foods/drinks, which may cause an effect on the digestion of CBD. 

While being highly individual, there are average recommendations:

  • For the weight of a person below 130 pounds: from 11 to 16 mg of CBD per 1 intake
  • For 130-230 pounds: from 18 to 26 mg of CBD
  • For 230+ pounds: buy CBD oil capsules from 23 to 35 mg of CBD.

CBD oil vs capsules: comparison

What can we tell about CBD oil vs capsules? They differ mainly in the form of intake. Oil needs a pipette to measure and take it, it should be mixed with foods or drinks (as it is physically disgusting to drink a pipette or two of pure oil), and you aren’t going to take it just in any place. Also, it may be inconvenient to take a bottle of CBD oil together with you and it may banally leak out, leaving dirty oily spots on your suit (which aren’t that easy to get rid of). 

CBD oil capsules do not need anything special to be taken. Only one exception – if you feel dry mouth after the intake, you should take them with plenty of water. Otherwise, just throw one piece into your mouth and swallow. What’s easier can be? 

CBD oil or capsules? That depends on how you can take them, how you live and work.

The best CBD capsules review

It is time for CBD capsules review for different purposes: anxiety, pain, and sleep.

Which CBD capsules for pain are good?

Below, we are considering the best CBD capsules for pain, which are sold in offline and online places. 

The top-1 product in CBD capsules for pain: The Veritas Farms Full-spectrum CBD capsules 

Theveritasfarms.com/product/cbd-capsules website offers this product for an as low price as 29.99 dollars per flask containing 10 mg of the active substance in each capsule. For a better potency, up to 25 mg, you have to pay 69.99 dollars. Inside you will find out one of the best Colorado products. 

Pure Kana

Purekana.com/products/cbd-capsules-25mg-capsule website offers CBD capsules near me containing 25 milligrams of CBD per everyone from 30 pieces in the bottle. You can acquire it for 83 US dollars. The capsules are heat sensitive, so the delivery is possible only hand-to-hand or to spots not having a hot climate.

Plus CBD oil

The website pluscbdoil.com/cbd-product/cbd-oil-capsules offers 10-mg potent capsules for 29.95 USD. Each flask has 30 pieces. If you want something stronger, you can have a 15-mg potent thing with 60 capsules per flask.

Which CBD capsules for anxiety are good?

Below, we are considering the best CBD capsules for anxiety.

The top-1 product in CBD capsules for anxiety: CBD Distillery

Buy CBD capsules here: thecbdistillery.com/cbd-shop/capsules for 50 USD for 30 pieces of 25-mg potency.


Website cbdmd.com/cbd-oil-capsules is very popular amongst the lovers of CBD products. Here bottles of various diversity are found: from 450 to 3,000 mg per flask, costing from 36.99 USD to 149.99.


For 19.99 USD, here cbdfx.com/collections/cbd-hemp-capsules 200-mg potent bottle comes.

Which CBD capsules for sleep are good?

Find out 3 nice CBD capsules for sleep.

The top-1 product in CBD capsules for sleep: Holland and Barrett

Hollandandbarrett.com/shop/vitamins-supplements/homeopathic-flower-remedies/cbd can sell you their product from 19.99 pounds to 64.99 pounds, depending on potency.

Charlotte’s Web

Charlottesweb.com/25mg-cbd-oil-capsules offer three sizes: 30, 60 & 90 pieces per a bottle.

MedTerra CBD

Medterracbd.com/product-cbd-gel-capsules should be visited to acquire pure CBD 25-mg potent remedy of 30 pieces per flask.

Where can I buy CBD oil capsules?

What people mostly resort to is buying merch on Amazon. As the legality of CBD is adopted on the federal level, you can buy it from hundreds of online stores today. As the state’s rules may differ, before receiving your product, check the availability of the delivery to your state and consider possible limitations.

To see the exact links to buy nice products, scroll this page a little bit up to see those. Nine options are waiting for you to buy CBD capsules.