CBD balm

Have you been ever using lip balm? Meet the new level of it: CBD lip balm.

What is it and what does CBD lip balm do? We are considering in today’s article (we are not going to make you bored typing a zillion words, just essentials).

What is CBD balm? General description

Protecting lips is important in cold or too hot weather when our lips lose moisture in the natural way (either by freezing or by evaporating from the surface). To prevent lips to be dry and cracking, and to preserve their high kiss-ability, doctors recommend applying a lip balm. It has beeswax or paraffin inside of it, which makes it greasy and holds on the lips greatly. The substance protects skin from all adverse outer effects, preserving them soft and looking healthy. It is actively used by both, women and men (they have different fragrances, suitable for both genders).

What is CBD balm? It is nearly the same substance for lips, which has some content of CBD inside. It is needed to give additional benefits:

  • to protect skin and smoothen it more effectively
  • to fight redness and itching.

When we are considering CBD balm not only for lips but also for skin, it has additional advantages:

  • removes clogged pores
  • the skin obtains better turgor over time
  • CBD fights wrinkles and hides the aging
  • the skin smells better and becomes healthier, shinier or more velvety (depending on your type of skin).

How does CBD balm work?

The main work of CBD balm is based on the action of CBD oil or isolate that is on the basis of the product. By effectively interacting with the endocannabinoid system of our bodies, CBD gives us many improvements, some of which are described above (for the skin). It also works for internal organs, affecting all of them, as far as we know from all existing pieces of study collectively (bones, ligaments, joints, muscles, soft tissues, the systems of digestion, cardiovascular, hearing, vision, hair growth & state, and many others). It is not officially approved today in the US for any kind of use. However, the existing studies give evidence of action and CBD lip balm benefits. In order to affect internal organs lying deep under the skin’s surface, it is recommended to intake CBD-containing products destined for internal use (for instance, CBD gummies). But in order to reach the muscles and subcutaneous layers, applying balm on the skin would also be great.

How to use CBD balm?

If it is for your skin (not for lips), then there are only two steps of CBD balm uses:

  1. Take a small drop (of a half-pea size or smaller) between your fingers and warm it up gently
  2. Rub it into the site on your skin, which you want to affect.  

In the case with a need to feel CBD lip balm effects – just open up a cap of your stick and apply it on your lips like a regular lip balm. Do not forget to control the thickness of the layer depending on your preferences and the weather. If you are going to apply it before swimming, make sure to add some extra, as a part of it is washed away by the water (especially before swimming in the salty sea). That’s how to use CBD balm.

We advise you to choose the CBD balm that is based on beeswax – as it is more natural for your skin, rarely causes adverse skin effects (like rashes, reddening, swelling or itching, which can occur with paraffin, as it is a synthetic substance obtained from petroleum – unless you specifically have allergy to beeswax), it holds on the skin much better and longer, and it creates a better consistency overall.

Which is the best CBD bd balm?

Below, we are going to take a look at the best CBD balm. Actually, 5 of them on an American market and in Europe. So, based on your current location, you can opt for one to your liking.  

Top-1 product in CBD balms: “+CBD Oil” company

The bottle of 1.3 ounces encapsulates 50 mg of CBD and you can acquire yours for $35.95. This is destined only for external use. Inside of the bottle, there are vitamins in addition to main substances, due to those ingredients: cocoa butter, shea butter, oils of grapeseed and hemp. The fragrance is given by rosemary and vanilla extracts.

To purchase your product, go to pluscbdoil.com/cbd-products/cbd-oil-balm/pluscbd-oil-balm.

1% potent Hempika CBD balm

In a bottle of 30 ml, you will find 300 mg of CBD, with 0.2% THC content (which makes this product mostly legal across the US states and in most EU countries but not completely safe if you undergo periodical drug tests on your work). It is sold in Europe for 24.90 Euros. Get your CBD balm for pain at hempika.com/product/hemp-cbd-balm-1-30-ml.

Plant People

Find this site to make a profitable purchase: www.plantpeople.co/product/cbd-infused-topical-balm. The remedy is going to be to the liking of people who love everything without GMO & gluten. For 49 dollars, you’ll get 450 mg of CBD pain relief balm of full spectrum.

Onyx & Rose

This CBD muscle balm is one of the most potent remedies in the US coming in this form of product, as it contains 500 mg of the substance in a flask, which is supported by sensual fragrances of lavender and eucalyptus. It is so nicely scented that it can perfectly replace your perfume (if applied on the open sites of your skin). The weight of 2 ounces is good enough for 1-2 months of use. Buy this unisex stuff for a man or woman.

For purchase, visit onyxandrose.com/product/cbd-balm and prepare $54. If the price of this CBD balm for sale seems too high to you, you can always get a nice -10% discount when subscribing to the company’s newsletter. 

400-mg Hemps Pharma CBD balm

Another highly potent remedy is this CBD balm near me: in Europe, you can acquire it for 48.50 or 74.90 Euros (depending on the size of the flask). The first option has 400 mg, while the second offers 800 mg of CBD. You will be pleased by the calendula extract and arnica extract, which are going to embrace you in a halo of nice scent. Thanks to the inclusion of silicon to the content, you can halt down the process of aging of the skin, reduce inflammation, and soothe your skin.

Visit hempspharma.com/product/cbd-balm/?lang=en to make your acquisition. 

Where to buy CBD balm?

So, where to start if you wanna buy CBD balm online? The first thing you should do is to check the given links above and see whether you wanna opt for anything that we have given (we are highly expecting you to like at least some of those top-5 options).

If you don’t like any of it, it is time to find reliable manufacturers of CBD products and check their online catalog to see what’s in it. The span of the prices is large but the only rule – the bigger the potency of the piece is, the pricier it is. Find your perfect CBD balm!