American Shaman CBD are suppliers of special hemp extract that is recognized as legal in all parts of the country. All products manufactured by this brand are pure organic products, which are obtained from cannabis without the use of GMOs. Each batch of finished products is thoroughly tested before sale. For these purposes, modern equipment with the so-called convergent chromatography is used. The company’s specialists are developing tools to maintain the beauty and health of the body, both outside and inside. At the same time, products bring exceptional benefits and are not narcotic or psychotropic in nature. 

Main line of business and CBD AMERICAN SHAMAN products 

Hemp oil is considered one of the most nutritious. This ingredient is obtained from hemp seeds (the Latin name of the plant is “Cannabis Sativa”). Oil, providing an effective and comprehensive care, is used in a huge amount of funds due to its unique medical and cosmetic properties. The American Shaman CBD was able to take advantage of the natural properties of this oil and turned it into products of world importance. 

 Popular products of the brand American Shaman CBD: 

  • Water soluble hemp oil; 
  • Lip balms; 
  • Body moisturizer; 
  • Hair masks; 
  • Sweets with the addition of hemp oil; 
  • Inhalation; 
  • Face Serum; 
  • Products with hemp oil for pets; 
  • Etc. 

For example, candies from this manufacturer come in several flavors: mint, watermelon, or blueberry. The composition includes only natural ingredients and safe flavors. And American Shaman cookies can be chocolate or raisin.  

Cost of production of company CBD American Shaman 

On average, prices for American Shaman CBD products range from $ 10 to $ 110. It should be noted that purchases become much more profitable if you use special coupons and current discounts. 

The secret of company success 

Not so long ago, the CBD American Shaman appeared the so-called horse elixir, which has already managed to win the hearts of consumers. Its production also uses exceptionally high-quality products that have been certified and rigorously tested for compliance with quality. It is precisely this scrupulous attitude to the quality of its own products that brought CBD American Shaman to the world level. Now in the arsenal of the company’s catalog dozens of amazing organic products and a multi-million dollar turnover arrived. No matter which product the buyer chooses – a cosmetic or foodstuffs from this brand, he will definitely be satisfied with the perfect purchase. After all, the entire range is not only carefully checked, but also produced using modern equipment, ensuring the maximum quality of the product at the outlet. 

Advantages of CBD American Shaman products 

This company has been able to demonstrate its effectiveness and prove itself as a viable team over the past few years. The American Shaman CBD were able to take their place in the top for several reasons, including:  

  1. Maintaining high quality and safety of the goods produced. 

Each CBD American Shaman product consists of 100% natural ingredients that come from the best manufacturers. Therefore, the majority of supporters of a healthy diet definitely choose this particular brand. And indeed, this is quite natural – when the issue affects health, any person tries to choose only the best for himself and his family. The American Shaman CBD inspires confidence in manufactured products because it does not hide information about each stage of production and composition. 

  1.  A large variety of dozens of types of food and care products. 

Most people try to choose only the best for themselves and their families. The company CBD American Shaman has developed in a variety of ways the means for external and internal care for the body. At the moment, very few manufacturers use organic ingredients to manufacture their products. Therefore, store shelves are filled with chemicals and harmful foods. For people who really care what happens to their body, therefore, CBD American Shaman did a good job with its product catalog. There is absolutely everything from all the problems, ranging from facial care to organic teas. 

  1. Useonly the best ingredients. 

The percentage of beneficial components in hemp oil that is used to produce American Shaman CBD products is not comparable to any other ingredient. It contains antioxidants, vitamins A, B1, B3, B4, B6 and E, proteins, carotenes, minerals, Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids, essential fatty acids. Oil is the ideal way to care for dry and mature skin. In addition, it relieves irritation, cares for dehydrated and exhausted skin, helps to restore thin and brittle hair. CBD American Shaman has gained an exceptional reputation as producers of pure and high-quality products using hemp oil. 

  1. Qualityand fast customer service. 

 This is another reason why the American Shaman CBD brand has become so popular with organic consumers. The company employs only highly qualified specialists from the sales department to remote consultants who are always ready to come to the rescue on issues of concern. Each client feels his uniqueness when contacting this company, because the American Shaman CBD really values its reputation. 

Components used in manufacturing 

Usually, all ingredients used for all products are not very different from each other. There are basic rules: 

  • The absence of chemistry and heavy metals; 
  • CO2 extract; 
  • Lack of harmful additives. 

It should be noted that hemp oil, which is part of the products, struggles with the formation of free radicals, leading to premature aging of skin cells and the whole body. 

Useful properties of hemp oil: 

  • – Anti-aging effect, smoothing wrinkles, fighting the emergence of free radicals; 
  • – Promotes regeneration and renewal of skin cells; 
  • – Lifting effect, giving the skin greater elasticity; 
  • – Possessing a soothing effect, the oil takes care of sensitive skin, making it softer and removing irritation; 
  • – Due to the softening effect, means with this oil makes the skin more tender, prevents its dehydration and dryness; 
  • – Reminding in its structure the lipids of the human body, hemp oil quickly penetrates and is absorbed by skin cells; 
  • – Absolutely not greasy and very liquid in its consistency, the oil is perfectly absorbed, leaving no lipid film on the skin; 
  • – Oil strengthens and tones the hair fibers, making your hair thicker; 
  • – The ingredient makes the hair more radiant; 
  • – Oil provides hair nutrition and hydration; 
  • – Oil prevents pore pollution; 
  • – Hemp – one of the few plants containing vitamin D (necessary for the absorption of calcium); 
  • – Oil helps to relieve stress (thanks to its vitamin D); 
  • – Has an anti-inflammatory effect; 
  • – Softens the effects of certain UV rays. 

How to use CBD products correctly 

Each product produced by CBD American Shaman has its own properties and its spectrum of action. If we talk about oils, then their use should begin, gradually introducing into the food a few drops per day and then increase the dose to nine drops daily. Before using any cream, it should be tested on a separate site and in the absence of an adverse reaction, continue to use according to the attached instructions. 

How and where to purchase American Shaman CBD products 

Anyone wishing to familiarize with the assortment of the company and purchase one of its products can visit the official website of CBD American Shaman. This is where the actual information about the product, promotions and prices. 

Current discounts 

At the moment there are several coupons that make it possible to save money when making a purchase: 

 Code: take30off gives a 30% discount; 

 Code: AMERICAN20 gives a 20% discount. 


Summing up, it is safe to say that the company CBD American Shaman is really responsible for their work and the goods they produce are of the highest quality and deserve attention. In addition, here everyone will find something for themselves. This may be the hemp oil extract itself or something from food containing it, or it may be a means of hygiene and care. In any case, so that it can be said for sure that the American Shaman CBD products are only of the highest quality.